CHC Rijeka

Bilateral Meetings

DescriptionT he Clinical Hospital Center of Rijeka is one of five clinical hospital centers in Croatia and is the central hospital in this part of the Republic of Croatia. It is a regional hospital center covering three counties, providing medical care for approximately 600,000 inhabitants. . A t the same time, the Clinical Hospital Center of Rijeka is a teaching and scientific-research base of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Rijeka. Besides the management and the administrative-technical services, it consists of 17 clinics, 5 clinical institutes, 6 centers, 4 independent institutes, one independent department and the hospital pharmacy. The total capacity is 1,069 hospital beds and it employs 3082 employees. I n the Clinical Hospital Center of Rijeka more than 45,000 patients are hospitalized per year reaching some 300,000 hospital days. Around three million outpatient services are provided and some 600,000 outpatient visits, while in the day hospital around 160,000 hospital services are rendered. T he Clinical Hospital Center of Rijeka is situated on three city locations (Rijeka, Sušak and Kantrida) and the tendency is to develop it – unite it “under one roof” in the newly built hospital in Sušak.
Organization Type Hospital,