Automation Lab - Instituto Pedro Nunes

Bilateral Meetings

  • Thursday 14:30 - 17:30
DescriptionIPN Automation LAB (IPNlas) has expertise on the development of solutions for the domains of Telemedicine, Hospital@Home, Home-Care and Care-Home. IPNlas accumulates a solid track record in European and National projects that target the development of innovative solutions for Medical Devices & Unobtrusive Monitoring, Human Activity Recognition and Robotics. IPNlas key activities include electronic and system design and implementation (e.g. smart sensing, robotics, embedded systems), and technology implementation processes. Moreover, IPNlas outcomes include successful Technology Transfer that is helping companies to become competitive by bringing highly innovative solutions into the market. The Instituto Pedro Nunes (IPN) aims to promote innovation and the transfer of technology, establishing the interface between the scientific and technological environment and the production sector. IPN is co-founder of the Ageing@Coimbra reference site of the EIP on AHA, and is associated partner of EIT Health.
Organization Type University / R&D Institution,